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Natasha wrote, directed and produced her short films SOLITUDE and ROXY SOLO; wrote and directed COMPULSION 1897 and EMPTY CALORIES (winner of a WorldFest Bronze Remi Award). She worked for BBR Productions along stars such as Christopher Plummer, Susan Sarandon, and Max Von Sydow. MARGARITAS ON THE ROAD, her second short sponsored by the Cirque du Soleil. Natasha won the Chick Flicks Contest with DON’T HAVE TO BE A CHICK, which was screened at the 2013 Chick Flicks Film Festival. Her 48 Hour Film, SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMEONE BLUE won Best Film, Writing and Cinematography. Natasha was hired as the producer, writer, and director for 7 PSAs for Women in Film Dallas.

Natasha has worked as a writer/script doctor on more than 20 films, as an AD in 15, directed 10, and produced over 15. Her short screened in more than 25 national and international film festivals. She currently teaches Scheduling and Budgeting, and Intro to Film Prod. at KD Conservatory.

Ross studied under the influence of active members of the film and television industry that earned him an associate degree in Film and Communications at KD Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts & Film.


His first venture into the short film realm was a Spanish drama titled ROMPER MI CORAZON. He completed his graduate thesis as a producer for BIG DREAMS. After graduating, Ross wrote two feature screenplays, served as a Production Assistant on several television, short and commercial projects, directed short narrative pieces and was selected into the Red Productions 2022 Summer Internship program.


By embracing his tactics of encyclopedic knowledge for film and its history, he brings incredible talent, as well as initiative towards discovering new techniques. His goal as a filmmaker is to highlight a profound understanding and fresh perspective on human behaviors.

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Raymund King is a seasoned entertainment lawyer that has produced and acted in a number of independent films. He initially worked his way through college and medical school as a professional magician. After practicing medicine for 10 years, Dr. King pursued a law career the week after he treated victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. In his 20 years of legal practice, Dr. King has focused upon transactional corporate mergers and acquisitions and entertainment law, having represented countless actors, directors, producers, and studio entities in various legal transactions. Raymund has combined his passion for non-profit community service with his passion for producing inspirational films. 



April Dawn Forsythe is a freelance creative residing in Texas and California. Since 2019, she has worked as a set decorator on several notable films such as Janus, and the T.V. sitcom, Gone Country.

She provided Art Direction and Set Decoration services on the upcoming feature film, Forever & a Day, planned for release in early 2020. Most recently, she worked with Natasha's on the 7 PSAs for Women in Film Dallas.

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Yevgeniya is a producer, director and writer, whose projects have been recognized and awarded multiple prizes in film festivals. Born and raised in Russia, Yevgeniya started working in theater and radio at an early age, both as an actor and a director. This sparked her interest in and love for the arts. At the young age of 16, she produced and hosted her own radio show and the desire to produce creative content kept growing. After moving to the United States, Yevgeniya stayed involved in the arts by supporting and working with organizations such as the Dallas International Film Festival and the Russian Winter Festival. She has also served on the board of the Dallas, Texas Chapter of Women In Film and Television International.

The one and only Makeup MavenTM

My moniker has been "The Makeup Maven" since about 1977, when the furs salesman upstairs at Neiman Marcus, where I worked as a makeup artist and in cosmetics sales, first said, "There she is...the Makeup Maven!"

I liked it right away and... while I didn't know what "Maven" meant, the alliteration was cool. Two years later, having started up a freelance practice in Dallas, cards needed printing, and I decided it was time to print them, which definitely meant looking up the word prior to committing. So basically, here's what it said: “Maven... Mavin... a word of Yiddish origin...” Well, that was neat, and it figured; where I'd worked was just outside of Chicago, was in a Jewish neighborhood, and my co-workers and clients were largely such, so...good, so far...and then it said: “An Expert. A Professional... How wonderful! Yep!!!” and then I got all boastful, inside...until the rest of it appeared... Usually Self-Proclaimed. Deflated, but at least this Maven, out of the hundreds that have followed since (probably most had not yet been born) has by this time proved herself to be an expert, able to solve most, if not all, of your makeup needs for whatever situation.

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Angie Thompson is an award-winning composer and audio editor who combines different musical elements to create the perfect mood that helps tell the story. Her style ranges from quirky and fun to mysterious and magical. She combines modern pop/rock with classical to create a unique score or track (such as pairing an electric guitar with an erratic string pattern to create energy to underscore action and adventure). Her music production and composition skills were honed while completing a Master’s Certificate in Orchestrating Music for Film & T.V and a Specialist Certificate in Music Production through Berkleemusic (Berklee College of Music). Keeping melodies simple, chord structures uncomplicated, and instrumental elements pared down, her music also fits well as music in scene and source music.

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